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Re: sparc 20

"Huerta, Yectli A" <yectli.a.huerta@nspco.com> writes:

> I am trying to install debian 2.1 on a sparc 20.  I am booting from the
> cdrom.  Once I am done through the process, I reboot the box as instructed,
> but it can not boot properly. It panics, and cycles trying to reboot every
> 10 seconds.  I am looking at the partitions lists and it gives me all of
> them.  My linux native and linux swap are  active.  The whole disk is not
> active.  I am blaming this for my lack of success.

Oh, you partitioned wrong?

> How can i make the whole disk partition active through the
> dbootstrap menu?

Run fdisk on tty2 (press alt-F2).

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