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Re: Diskless Sparc Clients, We Need -DNFSROOT

Well since its a Sparcbook it needs 2.2.x kernel for the console to work
(openprom console support).  I heard the 2.2.x dont have NFSROOT.


On 31 Jul 1999, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> The devil himself <daemons@werd.org> writes:
> > After making NetBSD/OpenBSD diskless setups here for my Tadpole laptop I
> > decided to try and setup a diskless Linux setup as well, Debian was a good
> > choice since it even had a diskless install program that was quite krad.
> > Anyway, i got through the install everything went fine.  The problem
> > arises when you try and boot the system with the kernel images provided on
> > debian.org, none of them have nfsroot support!  Not having any Linux Sparc
> > boxes to build a kernel on I am kinda in the dark.
> That's very odd.  I thought esp the TFTP images provided in the
> standard location has NFSROOT support, at least they are supposed to.
> Are you sure they don't?  Were you trying the 2.0.x series kernels or
> the 2.2.x ones ?
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