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Re: SparcServer 1000e Problems

Yeah, I tried changing the MAC address on the second card and even plugged the
second port into another hub that isn't connected to anything else. I was playing
somemore and discovered that even if I only have the first interface configed
Enlightenment still causes it to give me the errors. So I uninstalled
Enlightenment and now I'm looking to see what else will give those errors.

Is there anything special that needs to be done to use a custom kernel on a
sparc? I've tried using make-kpkg the same way I do it on i386 and I can't get a
bootable kernel. The command I've been using is "make-kpkg --revision=custom.1.0
kernel_image".  Every kernel I've compiled on this machine gives me a watchdog
reset when it tries to uncompress the image.

Anders Hammarquist wrote:

> > If both cards are plugged into the same hub I get these messages on both
> > interfaces until I kill the connection from my client or the system
> > reboots.
> If you plug both interfaces to the same wire (Ethernet sense, so even through
> a switch) you have to reconfigure the Ethernet address on one of the boards,
> since Sun machines normally use the same address on all interfaces. This
> doesn't explain the troubles you were seeing with them on different subnets
> though...

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