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Re: Scsi error on my IPX

> I got a wired scsi error that i need some help with.
> This is the error message:
> Resetting scsi bus
> scsi bus reset interrupt
> disconnect, resetting bus
> (these 3 lines spams in an endless loop)
> The error happens only at boot up when kernels \"scsi-probe\" hits the cdrom,
> if i turn the power off on the cdrom everything works fine.
> So my conclusion is that its something with linux, not the cable or some such,
> as my external hd is after the cdrom on the \"connection-chain\",and it works
> fine with solaris 2.6/7.
> Both debian and redhat showed this behavior.

Is it a Sony CDU-8012? If it is, then the solution is to either use a
kernel >= 2.2.4 or use the boot parameter "max_scsi_luns=1". (The drive
has a bug; a work-around was introduced in 2.2.4.)


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