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offline for a month

Hello Adam,

  I'm sorry but my modem seems to be dead ;-(
I cannot connect from my home anymore, therefore I'm not be able to work on
boot floppies now (all I can do is just reading my emails from my office).
Moreover I will be on holidays tomorrow evening and will be offline for one
month or so.

Feel free to upload a slink release of bootdisks for sparc if you need to.
BTW, it could be wise to use 2.2.9 kernel from potato, but it requires to be
recompiled first with the following features enabled:
- iso9660 (not in module ;)
- rarp, bootp
- nfsroot for sparc32 at least (I guess nfsroot is not required/wanted for
- PCI support disabled for sparc32 (kbd conflicts between PS/2 & Sun styles


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