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Re: slink Packages file empty for sparc...

Steve McIntyre wrote:
> I was just about to try to create some new sparc CD images and the run has
> failed again, this time because the Packages file for the main section on
> sparc is empty. I've checked and this is the case on master, not just on
> the mirror I'm using. Could somebody investigate please?

Hmm, this is due to three broken symlinks to sid:

find: binary-sparc/admin/libnfslock_0.1-6.deb: No such file or directory
find: binary-sparc/admin/open_1.4-10.deb: No such file or directory
find: binary-sparc/sound/cdparanoia_3a9-1.deb: No such file or directory

I'm trying to locate these files.  Do you have archives?

Richard Braakman

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