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Re: apt not working with sparc ipc

On Fri, 30 Jul 1999, Andrew Howell wrote:

> > You are going to have to use PS to find out which process is spinning and
> > strace that - I think you will find it is the 'http' or 'ftp' sub process.
> > I usually use 'rm /tmp/apt*; strace -o /tmp/apt -ff apt-get'
> Attached is strace output of the http sub process.
> It just gets stuck in a loop of
> _newselect(0x1, 0xefffeb48, 0, 0, 0)    = 1
> read(0, "", 4000)                       = 0

Can you try the 4.0 version of strace, you will have to compile from
source. I need to see what the FD array in 0xefffeb48 looks like.

That is one of them 'impossible' things - select cannot return that an fd
is ready but then have read return 0. So the only possible explanation is
that something is messed up either in strace or your kernel/libc. 

Anyone know what gives?


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