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artscontrol crash AUTO-REPLY: PLEASE READ! / AUTOMATISCHE ANTWORT: BITTE LESEN! Broken kdelibs 2.2.2 for Woody broken menus Re: broken menus - SOLVED Re: Bug#195538: Installed without problems Re: Bug in latest kmail? Re: Can't type anything in kword. Compiling kmysqladmin-0.6.2 ? Compiling kmysqladmin with Debian unstable Compiling third party KDE packages cursor does not hide away deb line for latest XFree86 (was: Re: X restarts after switching from vt7 to console) default crypt plugin selection kmail 1.5.2 -> kde 3.1.2 default Klipper behavior Default to Inline Forward ? downgrading kdelibs after security update eject cdrom embedding acroread plugin err - help! EXIF metainfo in kuickshow folder identities in KMail 1.5.3 (KDE 3.1.3) font problems on upgrade from woody to sid font selection in KDE Gkrellm settings not restoring How can I save session state at any time? Instaling KDE 3 Install kdelibs4-dev from woody on sarge? invisible mouse cursor on laptop Kaspersky AntiVirus for Lotus/Notes: Report. Re: KDE 3.1.3(a) and Sarge [was: KDE 3.1.3 - Sid Status Update] KDE 3.1.3 - Sid Status Update KDE3.1.3 status? KDE hangs - Woody KDE hangs - Woody - Updated RE: KDE hangs - Woody - Updated - status: Okey-Dopey kde menu help KDE Tree widget problem KDevelop 3.0 Packages KDE VNC & Terminal Network Idea kmail with cryptplug konqueror 3.1.3 and flash plugin Konqueror Crash in Sid & KDE3.1.3 Konqueror formats pages too wide for the screen konqueror: open http://sample.txt without kwrite ??? Konqueror plugin crashes Konqueror's https not working any more Re: Konqueror, UTF-8 Re: Konsole and Unicode Konsole setting for links kopete 0.7 Kopete 0.7-1 don't go online :-( kppp online? krfb segfaults on client exit KWin focus bug List 'rlug' closed to public posts --- >>> Message blocked in BlockVirus <<< --- Missing Fonts? mplayer & arts..... next stable KDE no fonts in KDE with XFree86 4.3.0 Page resizing bug in KDE3.1.3 (Horizontal scroller) Please Use Online Support System. Printing problems with gs-cjk in KDE Problems with Chinese under korganizer 3.1.3 problems with KDE Desktop shadow patch for 3.1.3 Re: Qt versioning (was: KDE 3.1.2 broken) Removing Gnome and Related Packages? sem som nas caixas quando escuto cd de musica setting default umask strange font problem unsubscribe where is quanta documentation? .xauthority without startx ~/.Xdefaults not working ??? X restarts after switching from vt7 to console You sent potentially unsafe content: Re: Approved You sent potentially unsafe content: Re: Your application The last update was on 17:43 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 209 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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