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Re: KDevelop 3.0 Packages

El Domingo, 17 de Agosto de 2003 01:22, Doug Holland escribió:
> How stable is Gideon right now?  I've been having a lot of problems trying
> to make KDevelop 2.1 work with SDL and OpenGL (too much automake/autoconf
> voodoo if you want the project to be platform independent), and I've heard
> that Gideon has templates for SDL & OpenGL programs.  Is it worth it to set
> up Gideon, or would I be better off fighting automake/autoconf in 2.1?

The automake/autoconf management in gideon, has been improved a lot. You have 
a manager, that helps in the creation of Makefile.am, etc. The best part, is 
the end of "kdevelop will overwrite this" sections.

Switch fully to gideon, maybe it is not the best solution for everyone, but 
many people is doing that. You can give it a chance, because you can simply 
import the existing project, and if you don't like it, remove the new two 
files created (Myapp.kdevelop and Myapp.kdevses).

Best regards.

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