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font selection in KDE

I have what seems like a simple question and I hope that it is.  When
I'm in a KDE app. like KWord or KMail and I change the font, I notice
that the default font, which apparently is Helvetica, is not in the
font selection menu.  It also appears that, once a font is selected in
the menu, then one of the choices must be selected (i.e. there is no
"none of the above" option.)  This makes it hard to change back to the
default font.  In KWord, I can click on "Default Format" and get the
default font back.  KMail has no such choice that I can find.  Have I
missed something or would I have to do something drastic to get the
default font back in KMail?


Roy Bixler <rcb@ucp.uchicago.edu>
The University of Chicago Press

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