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Re: Kopete 0.7-1 don't go online :-(

Am Donnerstag, 7. August 2003 21:56 schrieb Rasmus Bøg Hansen:
> Markus Hofmann <markus@gofurther.de> writes:
> > I've updated my 0.6 kopete to 0.7-1 from
> > http://kopete.creativa.cl/debian/woody for my woody.
> >
> > After this update my kopete starts. It also downloads my contact list,
> > but it doesn't go online. I have done everything what I think that could
> > help. I also removed an reinstalled my kopete, but the problem is still
> > there.
> Did you go through settings for each protocol? There have been quite
> some chenges.

Yes I did every settings whom are needed.

> If we are talking ICQ, you might want to change your password. I had
> to change my password to one not containing digits (from another ICQ
> program).

Yes its ICQ which is not going online. IRC is running successfully!
My password is without digits, but I'll test with another password.

> /Rasmus

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