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krfb segfaults on client exit

Hi all,

I'm running 2 machines on up-to-date woody with kde 3.1.3 from 
On both krfb is permanently running (with a user logged in on :0 ) to allow 
remote access. Everything runs just fine until I (remotely) exit a vnc 
session. Krfb then segfaults and drkonqi appears on the screen, telling me a 
SIGSEGV has killed krfb. This prevents new vnc logons because krfb does not 
appear to be completely terminated to kinetd until drkonqi itself exits. I 
now have a cronjob running which kills drkonqi if it appears.

Anyone having the same problems? Haven't yet testet my sid machines.


Oh and kudos to the kde team and the packers, great software, decent packages! 

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