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.xauthority without startx


I  have been running on this problem for a while and just figured it out...

After I usually upgraded my X server i lost the ability to run GUI's as 
different users in my x session, smth like su -c "gui app"

i realized that the problem was .Xauthority which need to be set up 
however what i just found out today after looking in the startx script these 
if [ x"$XAUTHORITY" = x ]; then
    export XAUTHORITY

I used kdm and so startx was never executed and XAUTHORITY variable never 

I went to #debian-kde and looked for orth or calc because i needed some 
help...where better to insert these lines of code..

i finally decided on startkde file and inserted them there... and it works 
great ...

But also as a future thing this is a X  bug and should be fixed somewhere in 
the X configuration files.... maybe DanielS ( who's packages rule ) can find 
a good place for them in a new version of his packages


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