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Re: Instaling KDE 3

On 24.Aug 2003 - 13:14:27, Miguel Corbella wrote:
> Hi I want to install my Debian 3 and I want to update it to Kde 3.1.3.
> Which is the easier way to install Kde 3.1.3 ? It is better don't
> install kde included on the debian cd's and install after via internet
> the kde 3.1.3 ... hope yr help.

The best way is to not install KDE2 from the CD's and to first get the
deb-Line for KDE3 set up. Then install by using the kdebase, kdelibs4,
... Packages, not the kde-Metapackage, as that one depends on  KDE2!

If KDE2 is installed it has to be removed completely (with --purge), to
guarantee a problem free install of KDE3.


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