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Re: ~/.Xdefaults not working ???

Also sprach Brian Kimball (Tue 05 Aug 02003 at 10:07:44AM -0700):
> Michael D. Schleif wrote:
> >    *background:               white
> >    *foreground:               black
> > When I open mutt it
> > is white on black.
> Mutt is not an X program, it knows nothing about X resources.
> see section 3.7 of /usr/share/doc/mutt/manual.txt.gz for instructions
> on setting mutt's colors.

Yes, I know this.  I have gone to great pains to setup mutt so that it
looks identical, regardless how I access it.  I can goto a PC and use
putty, or ssh into it from another Linux box, &c.  Initially, I used
rxvt to access mutt from the box on which it resides, and had _no_
problems.  However, recently I wanted to use a mouse to scroll down long
messages, and some kind soul suggested that rxvt wouldn't allow this,
but, xterm can do this with this:

   mutt.vt100.translations:   #override \n\
            None<Btn4Down>:   string(<<) \n\
            None<Btn5Down>:   string(>>) \n

Although I have some problems with that, the most difficult issue is how
to get that, and other things like foreground and background color, to
behave as I expect.

Here are ~/.muttrc color commands:

   # grep ^color ~/.muttrc | sort
   color   attachment      blue            default
   color   body            brightblue      default (https?|ftp)://[\-\.\,=/%~_:?\#a-zA-Z0-9&+]+
   color   body            brightblue      default [\-\.+_a-zA-Z0-9\=]+@[\-\.a-zA-Z0-9]+
   color   bold            brightdefault   default
   color   hdrdefault      blue            default
   color   header          brightblue      default ^(From|To|Subject):
   color   indicator       brightyellow    black
   color   markers         brightred       default
   color   message         default         default
   color   normal          default         default
   color   quoted          default         default
   color   search          brightyellow    cyan
   color   signature       red             default
   color   status          brightyellow    blue
   color   tilde           blue            default
   color   tree            brightred       default
   color   underline       default         default

> > Only when I do this, is change affected:
> > 
> >    xrdb -load ~/.Xresources
> > 
> > Then, XTerm (Unicode) is white on black (not that I want this effect),
> > and mutt is black on white (which I _do_ want).
> I did not witness this behavior with the commands and .Xresources you
> provided, although I am running unstable which has different versions of
> all of the programs involved.

Obviously, I cannot account for your experience; but, my last post
describes behaviour common to two (2) different boxen ;<

Can I safely remove kde from the root-cause analysis?  How?

Are there other resources that can better facilitate a solution to my

Best Regards,

mds resource
Dare to fix things before they break . . .
Our capacity for understanding is inversely proportional to how much
we think we know.  The more I know, the more I know I don't know . . .

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