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Re: broken menus

On Thursday 14 August 2003 08:52, Richard Lyons wrote:
> That sounds logical.  My source.list is whatever knoppix put there - a long
> mishmash of testing and unstable.  As a newcomer to apt, I have been unsure
> how to rationalize it.  I would appreciate advice on this.  In spite of its
> excessive length, I attach the whole thing below. (but above my sig)

This looks OK. But going through the archives, I found this:


> You are probably missing /etc/kde3/ui/ui_standards.rc. If that is the case, 
> try purging kdelibs-data and reinstalling it. The file is in the package, 
> dpkg don't install it every time. If reinstalling doesn't work, download the 
> package kdelibs-data and do 
> dpkg -x /path/to/deb/kdelibs-data_4%3a3.1.1-0woody1_all.deb /tmp
> and copy it from /tmp/etc/kde3/ui/.

Or just install same kdelibs-data again with --force-confmiss.  No need
to do a purge before:

        dpkg -i --force-confmiss /var/cache/apt/archives/kdelibs-data_.....deb

You'll see some additional output like

        Configuration file `........', does not exist on system.
        Installing new config file as you request.


Anyway, I wanted to blame you for not using Google or so. But I couldn't find 
anything with it. Only using kmails-search... Perhaps the search-form on 
debian.org should include a check-box 'search in titles only'??
 I hope it helps,


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