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Re: How can I save session state at any time?

From: "Robert" <robertsohn@sympatico.ca>

> On Friday August 22 2003 6:38 am, Burkhard Perkens-Golomb wrote:
> > Normally the session state of KDE is saved when I shut down KDE. I
> > want to save the current session state at any time without shutting
> > down KDE. How can I do it?
> >
> > Background: I have a laptop and suspend it often. Mostly waking up is
> > ok, sometimes it fails. If it fails all session information of KDE is
> > lost so I want to save the session information before every suspend.
> >
> If you have selected "restore manually saved session" in kcontrol under
> "session manager" - you will get a "save session" on the K menu.
Do you get a choice whether to use the manually saved session or the previous
session at logon time?

Otherwise, that seems an odd way to set up the configuration.  If the "save
session" button was always available, you could at least save as required,
restore previous session normally, and if you really wanted the saved session,
select "restore manually saved session" and logout/login.

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