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Re: Instaling KDE 3

On August 24, 2003 02:11, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> On 24.Aug 2003 - 13:14:27, Miguel Corbella wrote:
> > Hi I want to install my Debian 3 and I want to update it to Kde 3.1.3.
> > Which is the easier way to install Kde 3.1.3 ? It is better don't
> > install kde included on the debian cd's and install after via internet
> > the kde 3.1.3 ... hope yr help.
> The best way is to not install KDE2 from the CD's and to first get the
> deb-Line for KDE3 set up. Then install by using the kdebase, kdelibs4,
> ... Packages, not the kde-Metapackage, as that one depends on  KDE2!
> If KDE2 is installed it has to be removed completely (with --purge), to
> guarantee a problem free install of KDE3.
> Andreas

What I did immediately after installing woody was:
0. Use default sources from Debian installer.
1. Select [X] and [desktop] categories in tasksel and then skip dselect (and 
answer all questions after that).
2. apt-get remove --purge libqt2 libarts libmimelib
3. Add a line like this to /etc/apt/sources.list
deb http://ftp.rutgers.edu/pub/kde/stable/latest/Debian/ woody main
4. Then, do something like this:
apt-get install kdelibs4 kdm kdebase

After this you should be able to apt-get install any other KDE package you 
need easily. This may not be the most elegant way to have KDE3 on woody, but 
in my experience it requires minimal number of keys pressed from the first 
boot to having usable KDE3 desktop ;-).

Good luck,

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