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Re: KDE VNC & Terminal Network Idea

On Thu, 14 Aug 2003 12:24:10 -0400
"Bob Tilley (AT&T)" <bobt@cocoa.tybrin.com> wrote:
> I propose creating a Linux boot disk or a stripped-down Linux system that
> includes only X and a VNC client.  The network computers/terminals could use
> VNC to log into the main server.  Each user's session session would be
> stored on the server.

    Why?  I mean I do that here at home with VNC on a laptop.  Of course it is
because the laptop has Win2k on it and I can't remove Win2k (no CD-ROM or
floppy drive to boot from).  However what you're talking about is GUI access
over the network which is what X is.

    The VNC idea has problems in that you can only have a certain number of
VNC servers running at a time.  I have 3 on this machine so I can use
different resolutions.  If my GF wanted access I'd have to run another just
for her.  

    X with XDMCP means the terminals X Server (which you have proposed to be
there) is the display terminal and only the applications are run on the host.
You can have far more connections that way than you can run VNC servers.  It,
too, is something that I have dabbled with here on my local network.  The only
reason I don't use it is because for some reason the GTK2 applications i use
(XChat2, Pan 0.14.0) are prohibitively slow in redrawing on basic operations
over the network.  I don't know why but VNC w/its compression is far faster.

    Be that as it may X w/XDMCP is a far better solution for the small office
w/large central server and low-powered terminals.

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