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kde menu help

Hello! I'm a newbie in debian's desktop so... here's the thing:

I'm using kde3 right now in a debian testing/unstable installation. Unfortunately when I install X applications, there are no new entries in the kde menu (for instance, the game 'pingus' and a lot more stuff do not appear in the "games" menu folder).

IIRC there should be a menu entry called "debian" which would hold icons created by debian.

Can someone help me out with this icons thing? Even an URL would help.
I would also be much appreciated if you could give me more information about debian's MIME types - I've heard debian updates KDE's MIME handler (as well as gnome's and maybe other WMs) whenever a new application capable of handling a certain filetype is installed. Is this true? where can I get more info about this?

Thank you all!

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