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KDE hangs - Woody - Updated

I was having trouble with a kde 2 installation on woody that seemed to
freeze.  While I was going through the mail archives I saw instructions for
installing kde 3 on woody so I blew away (apt-get --purge remove kdelibs3)
my kde 2 installation including the .kde directory in my home directory and
installed kde 3.  All went well.  But I have the same problem.  Here are the

After booting I log in via gdm.  The kde splash screen comes up, gets to
"initializing services", hangs there for a minute or two, the splash screen
goes away leaving me with just gray, and after 5 to 10 minutes kde starts.
If I open up Konqueror and try to read any directory on my machine it will
hang for another 5 minutes or so.  Once it has read one directory it can
read the rest quickly.

I've attached the .kde3-error file and the .kderc file from my home
directory.  I don't know enough to understand what they're telling me.
Little help please?

And while I'm asking, what's a good book on kde?  I'm looking for something
to pull me up from low end user to at least somewhat able to administer it
intelligently.  Kde 3 really looks nice.


John Purser

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