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Re: Konqueror, UTF-8

Friday 25 July 2003 19.39, Craig Dickson don čállet:
> I find that Konqueror (3.1.2-1.1, current Debian unstable) does not cope
> with UTF-8 web sites very well; it displays some characters well, and
> others not, even when Mozilla Firebird on the same machine (in the same
> KDE session, using the same fonts) can display them all correctly. An
> example of such a site can be found here:
>     http://aletheuo.ath.cx
> On my system, if I bring this page up in Konqueror and Firebird side by
> side, Firebird gets the Greek characters right, and Konqueror trashes
> some of them. I can also see the Greek correctly on Windows XP with
> either Mozilla 1.4 or IE 6.
> Changing locales seems to have no effect; I have tried both en_US and
> en_US.UTF-8 (the latter of which is my usual locale).
> I don't see any outstanding bugs related to this. If no one knows of a
> configuration change that would fix this, I can file a bug.
> Craig
It displays just fine in my cvs konqueror (from orth's packages).
Do you use automatic encoding detection?


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