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Re: ~/.Xdefaults not working ???

Also sprach Brian Kimball (Mon 04 Aug 02003 at 07:59:23PM -0700):
> No, try looking at /etc/X11/Xsession, which is the script that actually
> starts your X session.  The file is .Xresources, at least on an unstable
> system.
> Eric Christopherson wrote:
> > It looks (according to man X) like you need to name it .Xdefaults-hostname
> > now (substitute your actual hostname, of course).

# hostname

# ls -al | grep -i xresources
lrwxrwxrwx    1 mds      mds            21 Aug  4 22:29 .Xdefaults-bragi -> /home/mds/.Xresources
-rwxrwxrwx    1 mds      mds           730 Jul 23 11:53 .Xresources

Note: I began with mode 0600, then opened up wide testing perms
*without* affecting change ;>

   # grep -v '^\(!\|$\)' ~/.Xresources 
   *charClass:                33:48,37:48,45-47:48,64:48
   xterm*font:                9x15
   *background:               white
   *foreground:               black
   *scrollKey:                true
   *scrollTtyOutput:          false
   Scrollbar.JumpCursor:      true
   *visualBell:               true
   XTerm*reverseWrap:         true
   XTerm*saveLines:           9999
   XTerm*scrollBar:           true
   XTerm.VT100.titeInhibit:   true
   XTerm.VT100*dynamicColors: on
   mutt.vt100.translations:   #override \n\
            None<Btn4Down>:   string(<<) \n\
            None<Btn5Down>:   string(>>) \n
   mutt*font:                 9x15
   mutt*geometry:             150x65+50+50
   mutt*scrollBar:            false

I have stopped/started /etc/init.d/kdm

Some things, like charClass and xterm*font appear to automatically work;
but, even with only ~/.Xdefaults that was so.

When I open XTerm (Unicode) it is black on white.  When I open mutt it
is white on black.

I have tried invoking this, *without* affecting change:

   xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources

Only when I do this, is change affected:

   xrdb -load ~/.Xresources

Then, XTerm (Unicode) is white on black (not that I want this effect),
and mutt is black on white (which I _do_ want).

What am I missing?

Best Regards,

mds resource
Dare to fix things before they break . . .
Our capacity for understanding is inversely proportional to how much
we think we know.  The more I know, the more I know I don't know . . .

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