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default Klipper behavior

The default Klipper configuration seems to have the "Separete clipboard
and selection" option set, rather than the "Synchronize contents of the
clipboard and selection" option.  This results in what I found to be
confusing behavior, as it makes a distinction between text copied via
the traditional X copy on paste behavior and the "edit->copy" behavior
in KDE apps.

I've seen a couple of other confused posts to -user and -kde [1] that
all seem to have been fixed by switching this Klipper behavior.  I'd
like to suggest that the default Klipper configuration be changed in
Debian.  I think that offerring behavior consistant with what
experienced users expect from X will lead to less confusion and improved
"out of the box" usability.  Are there cases where the currect default
is preferable?  Simon Hepburn's post in [2] contains a bit of a
breakdown of what behavior changes with the different configuration
options, and it seems from that that the current default is not ideal.




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