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KDE hangs - Woody

I've got a fairly new (7/20/03) install of woody with KDE installed via
apt-get.  My logon manager is gdm.  Starting this morning kde would show the
splash screen, get to initializing services, wait there for several minutes
with the icon flashing, then the splash screen disappears and the screen
stays gray.  Nothing ever happens.

I don't know enough about kde to even start trouble shooting this.  I've
used woody for years and simply never had trouble with kde before.  I've don
"apt-get --reinstall install kdebase" with no improvement.  When I switched
to gnome it complained it couldn't resolve my machine name so I added it to
the hosts file.  After that gnome had no trouble.

I can run gnome for a while but it's irritating.  Can anyone give me a
pointer here?

Thanks for the help.

John Purser

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