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#FiqueEmCasaUseDebian - from May 3rd to 30th, 2020 Re: 'No such file or directory' while building coreutils from source package +1 (no hidden directory, please) Re: [Summary]: RFC: Standardizing source package artifacts build paths 'No such file or directory' while building coreutils from source package Re: 'No such file or directory' while building coreutils from source package [Fwd: Bug#959057: RFS: dh-cmake/0.4 [ITP] -- Debhelper programs for CMake projects] Re: [qubes-devel] Re: DNF for Debian [Summary]: RFC: Standardizing source package artifacts build paths Re: Advice for key format with Nitrokey Pro 2 (signing, authentication) autopkgtest question: pass on local but fail on salsa-ci Bug#896978: ITP: node-http-proxy -- High performance event emitter for Node.js Bug#922088: RFP: file-rc -- Please resurrect file-rc Re: Bug#944713: Developer Locations map empty Bug#959397: ITP: python-resolvelib -- module to resolve abstract dependencies into concrete ones Bug#959426: ITP: redmine-plugin-apijs -- Redmine plugin to display gallery from attachments Bug#959433: ITP: awf-gtk4 -- A widget factory is a theme preview application Bug#959434: ITP: awf-gtk2 -- A widget factory is a theme preview application Bug#959436: ITP: awf-gtk3 -- A widget factory is a theme preview application Bug#959466: RFP: mindustry -- A sandbox tower-defense game Bug#959477: ITP: ckeditor3 -- Javascript rich text editor for embedding into websites (v3) Bug#959485: ITP: python-redisearch-py -- RediSearch client Bug#959495: ITP: dpaste -- Pastebin using OpenDHT distributed hash table Bug#959511: ITP: golang-h12-socks -- SOCKS (SOCKS4, SOCKS4A and SOCKS5) proxy library for golang Bug#959534: ITP: golang-refraction-networking-utls -- TLS golang library with low-level access Bug#959667: ITP: golang-github-henrydcase-nobs -- NOBS cryptographic primitives library in golang Bug#959673: ITP: golang-github-cloudflare-sidh -- Supersingular Isogeny Diffie-Hellman golang library Bug#959688: ITP: libbaseencode -- C library for encoding and decoding data using base32 or base64 Bug#959689: ITP: libcotp -- C library that generates TOTP and HOTP Bug#959690: ITP: libbaseencode -- C library for encoding and decoding data using base32 or base64 Bug#959692: ITP: otpclient -- Simple GTK+ software to generate OTPs (TOTP and HOTP) Bug#959703: ITP: jsofa -- Java translation of IAU SOFA library Bug#959739: ITP: editorconfig-checker -- tool to verify that your files are in harmony with your .editorconfig Bug#959778: ITP: pybdsf -- Python Blob Detection and Source Finder Bug#959795: ITP: loudgain -- loudgain is a versatile ReplayGain 2.0 loudness normalizer based on the EBU R128 standard Bug#959797: ITP: python-tomlkit -- style-preserving TOML library for Python Bug#959826: ITP: topcom -- Triangulations Of Point Configurations and Oriented Matroids Bug#959870: ITP: mplcursors -- Interactive data selection cursors for Matplotlib Bug#959872: ITP: topplot -- Munge logs from top in to useful graphs Bug#959899: ITP: theli -- A pipeline for astronomical image data reduction Bug#959912: ITP: droidlysis -- Property extractor for Android apps Bug#959919: ITP: sparta -- Network Infrastructure Penetration Testing Tool Bug#959944: ITP: xdg-desktop-portal-wlr -- xdg-desktop-portal backend for wlroots Bug#959992: ITP: gitid -- A simple, minimal git identity management tool Bug#960025: ITP: python3-pyzbar -- Reads one dimensional barcodes and QR codes in python using libzbar Bug#960045: RFP: protonmail-bridge -- seamless mail encryption/decryption for ProtonMail Bug#960052: ITP: libmaxmind-db-writer-perl -- Perl module to generate MaxMind DB database files Bug#960060: ITP: git-manpages-l10n -- Translation of git manpages to languages other than English Bug#960067: ITP: ffuf -- Fast web fuzzer written in Go Bug#960097: ITP: bootsidemenu.js -- jQuery plugin to easily create a sliding menu Bug#960114: ITP: libmetrics-any-perl -- abstract collection of monitoring metrics Bug#960115: ITP: libtest-metrics-any-perl -- module to assert that code produces metrics via Metrics::Any Bug#960142: ITP: pyerfa -- Python bindings for ERFA routines Bug#960155: ITP: liburl-encode-xs-perl -- XS implementation of URL::Encode Bug#960228: ITP: calls -- A phone dialer and call handler Bug#960233: ITP: node-redux -- predictable state container for JavaScript apps Bug#960300: ITP: node-mini-css-extract-plugin -- extracts CSS into separate files Bug#960314: ITP: tifffile -- Read and write TIFF(r) files with Python Bug#960417: ITP: purple-mm-sms -- libpurple plugin for SMS Bug#960423: ITP: takari-polyglot-maven -- modules to enable Maven usage in others JVM languages Bug#960428: ITP: blingfire -- Bing's Finite State machine and REgular expression manipulation library Bug#960434: ITP: varlink -- point-to-point IPC protocol and interface description format Bug#960443: ITP: purple-xmpp-http-upload -- HTTP File Upload plugin for libpurple Bug#960460: ITP: wys -- A daemon to bring up and take down PulseAudio loopbacks for phone call audio Bug#960470: ITP: python-inquirer -- Collection of common interactive command line user interfaces in python Bug#960471: ITP: prophet -- Tool for producing high quality forecasts for time series data that has multiple seasonality with linear or non-linear growth. Bug#960472: ITP: python-readchar -- Python library to portable read single characters and key-strokes Bug#960486: ITP: gnome-chatty -- XMPP and SMS messaging Bug#960526: ITP: azure-kusto-python -- Microsoft Azure Kusto (Azure Data Explorer) SDK for Python Bug#960543: ITP: vim-ale -- Asynchronous Lint Engine for Vim 8 and NeoVim Bug#960544: ITP: vim-vader -- simple vimscript test framework Bug#960618: ITP: node-nouislider -- lightweight JavaScript range slider Bug#960698: ITP: DiscoDOS -- the geekiest DJ tool on the planet Bug#960731: ITP: evil-winrm -- Ultimate WinRM shell for hacking/pentesting Bug#960744: ITP: python-aioinflux -- Asynchronous Python client for InfluxDB Bug#960790: ITP: libpod-parser-perl -- modules for parsing/translating POD format documents Bug#960795: ITP: prometheus-homeplug-exporter -- Prometheus exporter for HomePlug/Power Line Communication Bug#960796: ITP: golang-github-mdlayher-ethernet -- Marshaling and unmarshaling of Ethernet frames and VLAN tags Bug#960797: ITP: golang-github-mdlayher-raw -- Read and write data at the raw network interface device level Bug#960798: ITP: golang-google-protobuf -- Go support for Protocol Buffers (second major revision) Bug#960805: ITP: python-threadpoolctl -- Python helpers for common threading libraries (BLAS, OpenMP) Bug#960816: ITP: snapraid -- A backup program for disk arrays. Bug#960845: ITP: jskeus -- Lisp based integrated programming system for intelligent robots Bug#960895: ITP: rt-extension-elapsedbusinesstime -- ElapsedBusinessTime extension (Request Tracker) Bug#960896: ITP: rt4-extension-assetautoname -- AssetAutoName extension (Request Tracker) Bug#960920: ITP: libanyevent-forkmanager-perl -- simple parallel processing fork manager with AnyEvent Bug#960921: ITP: libtest-sharedobject-perl -- Data sharing in multi processes Bug#960944: ITP: node-less-loader -- Less loader for webpack which compiles Less to CSS with webpack description Bug#960980: ITP: roc-smi -- AMD ROCm System Management Interface Bug#960981: ITP: rocr-runtime -- HSA Runtime API and runtime for ROCm Bug#960982: ITP: rocminfo -- ROCm Application for Reporting System Info Bug#961006: ITP: rocm-smi-lib -- ROCm System Management Interface (ROCm SMI) Library Bug#961010: ITP: vkbasalt -- Vulkan post processing layer to enhance the visual graphics of games Bug#961012: ITP: gamehub -- unified library for all your games Bug#961021: ITP: python-easysnmp -- A blazingly fast and Pythonic SNMP library based on the official Net-SNMP bindings Bug#961022: ITP: ovn-octavia-provider -- OpenStack Octavia integration with OVN Re: Bug#961029: Request for new mailing list: debian-ai Bug#961029: Request for new mailing list: debian-mlhwaccl Bug#961045: ITP: ugrep -- Universal grep: ultra fast searcher of file systems, text and binary files, source code, archives, compressed files, documents, and more. It is also very useful when searching on codebase with unicode files. Bug#961085: ITP: toppic -- Top-down proteoform identification and characterization Bug#961109: ITP: python-retry -- Easy to use retry decorator Bug#961158: ITP: distlib -- Java library of statistical distribution functions Bug#961174: ITP: libmath-matrixreal-perl -- Manipulate NxN matrices of real numbers Bug#961181: ITP: tpot -- Automated Machine Learning tool that optimizes machine learning pipelines using genetic programming Bug#961182: ITP: nni -- An open source AutoML toolkit for automate machine learning lifecycle Bug#961200: ITP: nfq -- The NFQUEUE based IDN/punicode DNS filter to mitigate homograph phishing attacks Bug#961243: ITP: node-eventemitter3 -- High Performance Event Emitter For Node.js Bug#961287: ITP: bootiso -- a bash program to securely create a bootable USB device from one image file Bug#961292: ITP: python-commentjson -- module for json that supports comments Bug#961319: ITP: ncbi-acc-download -- Download genome files from NCBI by accession Bug#961330: ITP: yuview -- QT based YUV player with an advanced analytic toolset Bug#961331: ITP: insilicoseq -- A sequencing simulator producing realistic illumina reads Bug#961342: ITP: libmu-tiny-perl -- minimal variant of Mu Bug#961348: ITP: sphinx-tabs -- Tabbed views for Sphinx Bug#961349: ITP: sphinx-rst-builder -- A Sphinx builder for rST (reStructuredText) files Bug#961358: ITP: vf1 -- command-line gopher client Bug#961371: ITP: due -- Wrapper tool to create and run Docker container software build environments. Bug#961418: ITP: x11iraf -- Graphical tools to work with IRAF Bug#961423: ITP: libsort-maker-perl -- helper to create efficient sort subs Bug#961425: ITP: libautobox-transform-perl -- set of autobox methods to transform arrays and hashes Bug#961426: ITP: libtest-dbic-expectedqueries-perl -- test module for expected DBIx::Class queries Bug#961427: ITP: python-discord -- API wrapper for Discord written in Python Bug#961432: RFP: picom -- lightweight compositor for X11 Bug#961435: ITP: ggtags -- improved Emacs interface to GNU GLOBAL Bug#961517: ITP: cloudkitty-tempest-plugin -- OpenStack Integration Test Suite - CloudKitty plugin Bug#961518: ITP: vitrage-tempest-plugin -- OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Vitrage plugin Bug#961519: ITP: vitrage-tempest-plugin -- OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Magnum plugin Bug#961521: ITP: zaqar-tempest-plugin -- OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Zaqar plugin Bug#961523: ITP: mistral-tempest-plugin -- OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Mistral plugin Bug#961525: ITP: senlin-tempest-plugin -- OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Senlin plugin Bug#961535: ITP: bibledit-desktop -- Bible editor Bug#961541: ITP: openbangla -- OpenBangla Keyboard is an OpenSource Bengali input method for GNU/Linux systems. Bug#961556: ITP: stan -- a state-of-the-art platform for statistical modeling and high-performance statistical computation Bug#961557: ITP: stan-math -- a C++ template library for automatic differentiation of any order Bug#961565: ITP: skorch -- A scikit-learn compatible neural network library that wraps PyTorch Bug#961619: ITP: libmath-cephes-perl -- perl interface to the math cephes library Bug#961635: ITP: dragengine -- Drag[en]gine Game Engine Bug#961667: ITP: pfunit -- Parallel Fortran Unit Testing Framework Bug#961668: ITP: fargparse -- Command line argument parsing for Fortran Bug#961669: ITP: gftl-shared -- Common gFTL containers for Fortran intrinsic types Bug#961670: ITP: gftl -- Containers and iterators for Fortran Bug#961677: ITP: libstatistics-pca-perl -- perl module for principal component analysis (PCA) Bug#961685: ITP: python-aiohttp-proxy -- full-featured proxy connector for aiohttp Bug#961698: ITP: lomiri-url-dispatcher -- Lomiri Operating Environment service for requesting URLs to be opened Bug#961706: ITP: protonvpn-cli -- command-line client for ProtonVPN Bug#961716: ITP: orthanc-gdcm -- Transcoder/decoder of DICOM images for Orthanc using GDCM Bug#961718: ITP: python3-webdavclient -- WebDAV client library for Python 3 Bug#961726: ITP: publicdecompwt -- Wavelet decompression tool for xRIT files from MeteoSat Second Generation Bug#961742: ITP: nsntrace -- perform network trace of a single process by using network namespaces Bug#961753: ITP: suru-icon-theme -- Suru icon theme for Lomiri Operating Environment Bug#961784: ITP: hera -- Library for computing bottleneck and Wasserstein distances between persistence diagrams Bug#961795: ITP: eclipse-cdt -- C/C++ Development Tools for Eclipse Bug#961796: ITP: eclipse-linuxtools -- framework for profiling tools for Eclipse CDT Bug#961797: ITP: eclipse-remote-services-api -- Eclipse Remote Services API Bug#961799: ITP: libdrpm -- library for making, reading and applying deltarpm packages Bug#961801: ITP: zchunk -- compress a file into independent chunks Bug#961805: ITP: libcustompwiz -- Library to load mzML/mzXML files (dev files) Bug#961806: ITP: libmodulemd -- C Library for manipulating module metadata files Bug#961866: ITP: gztool -- gzip-compressed file indexer Bug#961891: ITP: eclipse-swtchart -- Eclipse SWTChart allows to create different types of charts Bug#961930: ITP: pinball-table-gnu -- GNU Pinball table for emilia pinball Change in Lintian behavior: more granular exit code statuses Re: DebConf20 registration is now open (with caveats) default email client from gsettings Re: DNF for Debian Free open-source ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors: Compile from source code for Debian repository Is the debian-mirrors team MIA? Loading big dashboard page Re: Mass bug filing: dependencies on GTK 2 Maven packages in Debian (was Re: Progress in preparing the Bazel Build System for Debian (COVID-19 Biohackathon follow-up)) Packaging devel-only C++ library Pimp your shell - Debian developer tips? possible MMBF regarding Depends: locales without | locales-all? Progress in preparing the Bazel Build System for Debian (COVID-19 Biohackathon follow-up) reopening bugs closed by removal after package reintroduction? Re: RFC: Standardizing source package artifacts build paths RFC: threading-aware virtual BLAS/LAPACK Running autopkgtest on porter boxes: dd-autopkgtest Re: Survey: DebConf20 and COVID-19 Temporary(?) bundling of code that may not warrant its own package UDD/dmd: fails to load when debci data is missing Upload of package Re: Upload of package (Closes: #952788) in bug reports Re: Videoconference on Friday 2020-05-01 18:00 UTC (Was: For those who want to keep on contributing (Was: Debian @ COVID-19 Biohackathon (April 5-11, 2020))) Re: Videoconference on Friday 2020-05-22 18:00 UTC (Was: For those who want to keep on contributing (Was: Debian @ COVID-19 Biohackathon (April 5-11, 2020))) Videoconference today Friday 2020-05-29 18:00 UTC (Was: For those who want to keep on contributing (Was: Debian @ COVID-19 Biohackathon (April 5-11, 2020))) Work-needing packages report for May 1, 2020 Work-needing packages report for May 15, 2020 Work-needing packages report for May 22, 2020 Work-needing packages report for May 29, 2020 Work-needing packages report for May 8, 2020 The last update was on 02:59 GMT Mon Jan 11. 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