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Re: Temporary(?) bundling of code that may not warrant its own package

On 2020-05-20 17:51 +0200, Gard Spreemann wrote:
> Ah, but one of the packages is in Debian and has been for a while. It's
> just that the latest upstream version of *that package* has started
> bundling a third-party library that wasn't used in any way before.
> Now the question is do I package the software the upstream bundles (the
> one without proper releases or documentation)? If so, may I allow the
> bundling until such time as that package (the one that is bundled by
> upstream) clears NEW?

I think that is ultimately up to you as the maintainer. If it's really
important to get the new version uploaded, then yeah do that first,
but otherwise just leave it at the current version, do the new
library, then upload new version when that gets out of NEW. Or maybe
decide that there is a time limit: you really should have the new
version uploaded within say 4 weeks. If NEW takes longer than that,
then upload the new-version-with-bundle at that point.

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