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Re: Change in Lintian behavior: more granular exit code statuses


On Mon, 2020-05-25 at 16:24:23 -0500, Simon Quigley wrote:
> A change that I have been working on with Felix Lechner[1] has now been
> merged into the master branch of Lintian and should be landing within
> the next several weeks. We expect this change to land in Bullseye.
> This change adds the --fail-on option to Lintian[2], and drastically
> changes exit code handling. Now Lintian will exit 1 on internal errors
> and there is *no default behavior* to exit 2. Specifying the --fail-on
> option allows the user to specify under which conditions Lintian should
> exit 2.

While the addition of --fail-on seems really nice, I'm not sure I
understand the reason for the default behavior change? As it is, I think
this will break many workflows where lintian's exiting non-zero on error
tags is how people automatically detect issues.

Why not simply add a value like “none” denoting to not fail on any of
the --fail-on conditions instead, and make the current default the new
--fail-on default value? This would not break anything by preserving
backwards compatibility and would make it possible to fix the bug that
triggered this by disabling any such errors explicitly.


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