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Re: [qubes-devel] Re: DNF for Debian

Hi unman,

On Sun, May 03, 2020 at 05:07:14PM +0100, unman wrote:
> I'd be happy to take on maintenance of this package, and may be anything
> else that's Qubes required but seems to be lapsing in Debian.

cool. I'll be happy to review & sponsor these uploads to Debian!

> Also, I wonder if there would be value in getting Qubes packages in to
> Debian, so they can be installed straight in to HVM - I seem to recall
> this was raised some time back, but dont recall outcome. Waste of time?

I gave up working on https://wiki.debian.org/Qubes/Devel as I believe
dom0 should use something more tailored and shrinked down system then
both Debian and Fedora are and because the Qubes and Debian release
cycles don't match at all, thus one will probably always need a Qubes
apt repo too.

I'm not sure to which packages / use-case you are refering to. Can you 
explain again, please?


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