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Bug#961029: Request for new mailing list: debian-mlhwaccl

Package: lists.debian.org
Severity: wishlist
X-Debbugs-CC: debian-devel@lists.debian.org

(I think I should CC -devel since I'm requesting a NEW dev ML)

Hi list master,

I'd like to request for a new public, and archived mailing list

Name: debian-mlhwaccl
Short-Desc: "Debian's Machine Learning & Hardware Acceleration"
Long-Desc: Development of Machine/Deep Learning Software and
 Corresponding Hardware Acceleration Measures incl. ROCm, OpenCL, SYCL
 and CUDA
Category: obviously a dev list
Subscription-Policy: open
Post-Policy: open
Web-Archive: yes (we definitely need an archive)

Our demand / Rationale:

  1. we need an archived mailing list to better coordinate the works
     related to deep learning / machine learning and hardware acceleration
     (including ROCm, CUDA, OpenCL, SYCL) specific to machine learning
     applications.  Debian science team maling address is not quite
     appropriate for the topics.

  2. we need an archived mailing list as the maintainer address for the
     ROCm team to better coordinate the works. We should not abuse debian
     science team's alioth mailing list address as the maintainer address

  3. we need an archived mailing list for discussing about the
     development of debian deep learning team. The machine learning
     and deep learing subareas are already significant enough to form
     a dedicated interest group inside debian.

Teams involved:
  Debian ROCm Team, Debian Deep Learning Team

Expected key words for the mailing list:
  tensorflow, pytorch, bazel, sklearn, opencl, sycl, rocm, cuda, llvm,
  xla (tensorflow), openmpi

as you see, some times the topics could be off-topic to debian-science,
and the "machine learning & hardware acceleration" things always
involves complicated intersection of various areas. It could be better
if we have a dedicated list for the whole thing!

thank you very much

I'm following https://www.debian.org/MailingLists/HOWTO_start_list

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