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Bug#960698: ITP: DiscoDOS -- the geekiest DJ tool on the planet

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

  * Package name    : discodos
    Version         : 1.0-rc1
    Upstream Author : J0J0 T <jt@peek-a-boo.at>
  * License         : GPL-3
  * URL             : https://github.com/joj0/discodos/
  * Description     : a Vinyl-DJ tool based on the users discogs.com record collection and additional data retrieved from acousticbrainz.com.

DiscoDOS helps a DJ remember and analyze what they played in their sets, or what they could possibly play in the future. It's based on data pulled from a users discogs.com record collection. Tracks can be organized into playlists and mix-transitions rated. Additionally the collection can be linked to the online music information services MusicBrainz and AcousticBrainz, thus further information (like musical key and BPM) is made available to the user.

This is rc1, the final 1.0 release will be out June 2020.

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