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Re: Bug#961029: Request for new mailing list: debian-ai

Control: retitle -1 Request for new mailing list: debian-ai

Thanks for the various feedbacks. As pointed out by lamby, the
"debian-mlhwaccl" may be quite hard to search. Meanwhile, the name can
be overlength if we expand that abbreviation.

So I'm proposing to use a new list name: debian-ai
instead of the old: debian-mlhwaccl

Name: debian-ai
Short-Desc: Artificial Intelligence Software Development in Debian
Long-Desc: Development of artificial intelligence software, such as machine
 learning, deep learning, compilers and hardware acceleration software stacks.
 The topics for this list may include any one of the following (but not
  * Mahcine Learning: sklearn, xgboost, AutoML, ...
  * Deep Learning: tensorflow, pytorch, mxnet, cntk, ...
  * Computer Vision: opencv, skimage, ...
  * Computational Linguistics: nltk, spacy, ...
  * Hardware Acceleration: CUDA, ROCm, OpenCL, SYCL, SIMD
  * Compiler: LLVM (for MLIR, SPIR-V, SYCL), GCC (gcc-offload-nvptx)
 And sometimes the topics in this list may be complex intersections of
 the mentioned keywords.
Category: development
Subscription-Policy: open
Post-Policy: open
Web-Archive: yes

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