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Re: DebConf20 registration is now open (with caveats)

Hi Enrico,

Am 23.05.20 um 18:41 schrieb Enrico Zini:
I'm perplexed by the deadline for the bursaries being earlier than the
date in which there'll be a decision about what the format of the
conference will be like.

That's because we need some time to evaluate bursary requests and if we give people approval too late, they will be unable to apply for Visa and get reasonable flights. So we'd exempt people that need a Visa for Israel inadvertently.

The bursary decisions are scheduled to be announced as soon as possible after an eventual "go ahead" decision for the physical conference and the availability of an approved conference budget.

The call for registration implies that one would be registering to a
similar format of conference as the previous years.

If you don't want to attend a physical conference, that is the right thing to do. We are currently only collecting registrations from people that are in the region or want to fly to Israel and estimate themselves that they will be likely be allowed to do so in August.

Can you however confirm that if on the 8th of June the format of the
conference will change into something that one would instead feel
motivated to attend, and such format would still requires expenses for
which one could use a bursary, then the bursaries deadline will be

An online format will be free of charge for people joining.

If a community member needs specific hardware to attend and cannot afford it themselves, there is the normal DPL reimbursement process available. This would apply to the prior Online Mini-DC (End of May) already before DebConf20 (End of August).

Kind regards,

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