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Re: Free open-source ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors: Compile from source code for Debian repository

On Tue, 2020-05-19 at 14:25 +0000, Kseniya Fedoruk wrote:
> Hi team,
> I'm Kseniya from ONLYOFFICE. We are developing open-source office
> applications, including the absolutely free ONLYOFFICE Desktop
> Editors that provide alternatives to MS Office Word, Excel, and
> PowerPoint distributed under GNU AGPL v3.0.
> Currently, users can install the suite on various Linux distros from
> deb, rpm, Snap, Flatpak, and AppImage. We often receive requests for
> the native default support. Therefore, we’ve decided to contact you
> to ask about a possible integration of ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors
> into Debian.
> ...
> So, will you be interested in adding ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors to
> the Debian system so that lots of users get one more office suite
> option highly compatible with OOXML formats and giving access to
> cloud collaboration?

Hi Kseniya,

Welcome to the debian-devel mailing list. If you would like to see
ONLYOFFICE in Debian, feel free to file an RFP (request for package)
bug against Debian's bug tracking system:


Or, if you would like to package it yourself, you can file an ITP
(intent to package):


Note that you will need a sponsor (a Debian Developer who reviews the
package for compliance with Debian policy) if you choose to package it


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