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Re: [Summary]: RFC: Standardizing source package artifacts build paths


On 02.05.20 17:53, Andreas Metzler wrote:

> I do think it is a splendid idea to separate generated stuff from
> everything else, I think there is no real good reason for using a
> hidden toplevel directory.

Frankly, I don't see the point in hiding the directory. The only person
who'd ever look into that directory would be someone inspecting what
happened during a build process, and all that hiding directories
achieves is adding more mental load to them where they have to remember
to use ls -a, and type a dot before trying to tab-complete anything.

Basically, it would just be annoying with no good reason.

I could see some potential in a debian/build/ directory, and moving
everything that is generated under it, but that would first have to be
implemented in debhelper, then we could start moving non-debhelper
packages over, and only then it could be turned into policy.


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