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Re: DNF for Debian

On 9/13/19 5:36 PM, Mihai Moldovan wrote:
> Hi
> I've packaged DNF for Debian and would like to find someone to take over these
> packages and maintain them as part of the distribution.

Nice ! Thanks for the work.

> [...]
> == Why does Debian need DNF? ==
> Debian already has packages for yum and mock. Building RPM packages on a Debian
> system is a supported use case already utilized by a (probably rather small
> amount) of users. That alone is normally not enough reason to introduce new
> packages, but newer Fedora versions use features like boolean (or rich)
> dependencies[0] that are plainly not supported by yum. Building such chroots
> will flat out fail. DNF is now a hard dependency for supporting newer Fedora and
> RHEL versions.
> Without DNF, Debian would at some point lose the ability to be used a build host
> for RPM packages.
> Debian does NOT need DNF as an additional native package manager, but that
> should be pretty clear. No sane user would (and should) try to mix dpkg/apt and
> rpm/{yum,dnf} packages on a Debian system.

I used to use yum for doing the equivalent of debootstrap, ie:
setting-up a CentOS chroot from a Debian host. This is why I maintained yum.

Can DNF be used for that as well?

> == Package List ==
> === libcomps 0.1.11-1 ===
> === librepo 1.10.5-1 ===
> === modulemd1 1.8.15-1 ===
> === libdnf 0.35.3-1 ===
> === dnf 4.2.9-1 ===
> === dnf-plugins-core 4.0.9-1 ===

All of these would nicely fit within the RPM team! Please request to be
a member, and I'll add you there:


Then I probably take the time to sponsor it, or maybe other team members
can do too.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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