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Re: Bug#960981: ITP: rocr-runtime -- HSA Runtime API and runtime for ROCm

On Tue, May 19, 2020 at 08:41:47PM +0900, Norbert Preining wrote:
> > Packaging ROCm requires a forked LLVM.  Will you package that fork, and
> Thanks for bringing this up. Up to now all the ITP don't require the
> forked llvm. We have one repository (rocm-hip) in preparation for which
> the llvm-fork is necessary. And there are other's I am preparing.
> Our plan (at the moment basically Mo Zho and me) was to package it into

> a separate directory /usr/lib/llvm/roc/ (like Gentoo does) or into any
> similar place.

Yes. Aligning with Gentoo looks good, as long as we really need an
forked LLVM.

Benda Xu (gentoo dev) told me that his latest investigation suggests
that AMD's modifications have been upstreamed. But no AMD people
responded the question.

We'll have to confirm that.
> But I am more than open for help with the llvm-roc build, since this not
> even finishes on my computer without blowing it up ATM ...

My experience is that LLVM build often ends up being killed by the OOM
killer, and I can only use -j4 on a machine with 32Gigs of RAM.
The "-gsplit-dwarf" CFLAG may help when doing the parellel linking, but
I still have not tried it with LLVM yet.

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