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Re: reopening bugs closed by removal after package reintroduction?

On Wed, May 13, 2020 at 09:27:33AM -0400, jrb3-beckenbach.us wrote:

> Offering a naive implementation idea: 
> On package reintroduction, something (bot?) files a low-priority bug
> against the reintroduced package, titled eg “triage bugs from previous packaging”,
> containing explanatory text (cf Enrico's) and the list of bugs which were open when the package was removed earlier.
> No delayed-auto-close of this bug, though.
> The interested maintainer gets the benefit of knowing what those past bugs were.
> Also, of not having those bugs block current progress.
> Also, of being able to do the triage on own rhythm without troubling others.
> The uninterested maintainer can just ignore or close this bug.
> (Successor maintainers can even go back in history and do triage more easily, if desired.)

Thank you Joseph, I really like your idea!


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