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Re: DNF for Debian

Sorry for the late response. I've been busy, and, honestly, also always forgot
to actually answer.

* On 5/3/20 2:03 PM, Holger Levsen wrote:
> hm, I'd be willing to sponsor and mentor those uploads, but I cannot commit
> to maintaining them as well. Is there anybody out there who would?

unman seems to be interested, if that's good enough, so there's that.

> all very very nice! It would be a pity to have this rot, but then, without
> maintenance it will anyway eventually...

Personally, I will have to "maintain" the package sets anyway, because I'm
building a lot of Fedora/CentOS packages in an automatic fashion on Debian.

This "maintenance" just means that I'll probably update stuff every half a year
or year, though, essentially "whenever it breaks" (which does tend to happen).

There's inevitably some bitrot involved, but I just don't have the time for
proper maintenance.

* On 5/25/20, 6:06 PM, unman wrote:
> That package is incredibly useful to us in Qubes, as you'll see.
> Where would I be able to pick up your package, and do any necessary work
> on them before uploading?

It's great if you have both a use case for it and are willingly to take over!

As given in the initial description, I've published source and binary packages
for Debian Unstable/Sid at https://packages.x2go.org/debian-test/pool/main/

Note that the binaries are a bit old by now and would probably like a rebuild,
but the source is still the one I'm also using on my package builder.

Also, the packages became a bit stale version wise (after all, they are 9 month
old by now) and some included patches have already been applied upstream. I
haven't tried updating (and testing any updates) yet, though, and probably won't
come to that shortly either.

Anyway, this said, it should still be a pretty solid base to build on.


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