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possible MMBF regarding Depends: locales without | locales-all?

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	[Cross-posting to tasksel maintainers, debian-boot@; but please
	keep the discussion on debian-devel@.]

	Unless I deeply misunderstand how locales work in Debian,
	I believe that any dependency on the ‘locales’ package is ought
	to be satisfied with locales-all as well.

	Could the maintainers of the packages below please check if the
	‘| locales-all’ alternative can indeed be added to Depends:?
	(I’ve tried to limit the list to testing, but some slippage from
	stable might have occurred.  My apologies if that’s the case.)

	Otherwise, would there be any problem with me mass-filing bug
	reports on this issue?


    cloud-init          20.1-2          …, locales, …
    collatinus          11-1+b2         …, locales, …
    kopano-contacts     8.7.0-7         …, locales
    kopano-l10n         8.7.0-7         locales
    live-task-standard  11.0.2          …, locales, …
    orthanc             1.6.1+dfsg-1    …, locales, …
    task-bosnian        3.58            …, locales
    task-croatian       3.58            …, locales
    task-english        3.58            …, locales
    task-norwegian      3.58            …, locales
    task-swedish        3.58            …, locales
    task-turkish        3.58            …, locales, manpages-tr
                     …, locales, …
    localehelper        0.1.4-3         locales, perl:any
    localepurge         …, locales, ucf, procps

	The last two packages seemed like they could benefit from closer
	inspection.  As it turns out, at least localehelper is just a
	wrapper to run localedef on missing locales; presumably this code
	path would simply never be followed with locales-all installed.


	I prefer locales-all over locales on my systems for the following

	 1. interest in languages in general; I want for any locale
	    provided by Debian to be at hand at all times;

	 2. several of the systems I maintain are multi-user; I don’t
	    want to spend brain cycles deciding which locales they may
	    or may not want to use;

	 3. on backup, I feel safe to ignore anything that matches its
	    md5sum – as recorded in the respective .deb --ctrl-tarfile;
	    locales-all have that aplenty; locales, not as much (IIUC.)

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