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Re: default email client from gsettings

On Mon, May 4, 2020 at 9:23 AM Jeff wrote:

> Unfortunately, my search engine foo is failing me and I can't find the
> right incantation to get gsettings to tell me the default email client.

I diffed `dconf dump /` and `gsettings list-recursively` before and
after changing my default email client and came up with no
differences, so I don't think it is stored in gsettings.

Then I did an strace of gnome-control-centre and noticed it modified
this file, changing the mailto handler in the [Default Applications]


Personally I would suggest you drop the custom code that you have and
just use xdg-email, it appears to know how to do things on various
desktops and to query the mimeapps file on gnome3 and to use gconftool
on gnome2.



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