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Re: [Summary]: RFC: Standardizing source package artifacts build paths

> > > I kinda like the idea of prefixing *all* temporary directory with
> > > a '_'
> > Completely reasonable and almost auto-explaining, I'd say. +1 for
> > Michael's suggestion.
> What about placing temporaries below debian/build/? Anything where
> names
> aren't fixed in Policy, i.e. which could be renamed with an
> underscore at
> the beginning, could also be moved.

I agree with the idea of prefixing build and other temporary
directories with an underscore, but I don't think we should move all
files that aren't explicitly defined in policy to be under
debian/build.  For instance, the git-buildpackage configurations aren't
fixed in policy, but they definitely shouldn't go in a build directory.

Additionally, I think it is sometimes useful to have multiple temporary
directories.  Some teams might use a cache folder: and if all
temporaries had to be under debian/build/, then they'd likely need to
put their caches there, moving their actual build folder to
debian/build/build/.  Which is all well and good, but then you get
packages who create a debian/build/ folder containing just one
subfolder named build/, and so on and so forth. The point is that I
think there is a real benefit to saying "Okay, put all your temporary
directories under the debian/ folder, and prefix their names with an
underscore".  Clean operations are still simple: but teams have
flexibility in how they run their builds.

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