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Temporary(?) bundling of code that may not warrant its own package

Hi list,

Upstream for a package I maintain has as of its latest release started
bundling and requiring a third-party header-only library. I am
considering packaging that third-party library (it's useful to me, at
the very least) but I think it's a borderline case of whether it
warrants being a package on its own. In particular, it does not do
versioned releases, and it comes with no documentation (though its use
is clear if one is well-versed with the academic side of what the
library does and one inspects the header files).

In light of this, I am tempted to – at least temporarily – accepting the
bundling from upstream until such time as the bundled library becomes
more fit for separate packaging, or I go ahead package it anyway. I
would track the bundling as a bug and act on it when/if a separate
package enters Debian.

Is this within the realm of acceptable bundling?


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