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Re: 'No such file or directory' while building coreutils from source package

On Thu, May 07, 2020 at 07:51:58PM +0200, Manuel Wagesreither wrote:
> 3. Created following directory structure:
> ```
> ~/dir/coreutils_8.30.orig.tar.xz
> ~/dir/debian-coreutils/<unpacked content of coreutils_8.30-3.debian.tar.xz>
`apt source coreutils`
Or, if you already downloaded the source package, `dpkg-source -x coreutils_8.30-3.dsc`.

Looks like you didn't extract the orig tarball, but even if that's just
omitted from your email, extracting parts of the source package manually
is not the supported way to extract it.


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