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[good new]Type 1 font hinting is now free software Re: autopkgtest results influencing migration from unstable to testing Re: Bits from the DPL (May 2018) Bug filing for autopkgtest regressions? [Was: Re: appears to break multiple autopkgtests] Bug#840759: Intent To Package Bug#871613: general: Kernel Panic caused by smp.c:127 check_preempt_curr Bug#899299: Bug #899299: libu2f-udev: Post-inst script should make udev reload rules Re: Bug#899299: libu2f-udev: Post-inst script should make udev reload rules Bug#900438: general: fails to hibernate correctly Bug#900438: marked as done (general: fails to hibernate correctly) Bug#900582: ITP: libalgorithm-naivebayes-perl -- module to make bayesian prediction of categories Bug#900590: ITP: libppix-quotelike-perl -- module to parse Perl string literals and string-literal-like things Bug#900682: ITP: octave-ncarray -- access NetCDF files as a multi-dimensional array in Octave Bug#900683: ITP: octave-optics -- optics functions for Octave Bug#900684: ITP: octave-queueing -- Queueing Networks and Markov chains analysis for Octave Bug#900685: ITP: octave-secs3d -- Drift-Diffusion simulator for 3d semiconductor devices in Octave Bug#900689: ITP: octave-vibes -- VIBes API to easily display results in Octave Bug#900697: ITP: python-morph -- collection of routines to help identify and morph objects Bug#900744: ITP: zimwriterfs -- creates ZIM files from a locally-stored directory containing "self-sufficient" HTML content Bug#900752: ITP: genometester -- toolkit for performing set operations on k-mer lists Bug#900770: ITP: node-svgpath -- Low level transforms on svg path element Bug#900831: ITP: gitlab-ci-mode-el -- Emacs mode for editing GitLab CI files Bug#900842: ITP: rake-ant -- Ant tasks and integration for Rake under JRuby Bug#900849: allowing alternative country lists on a Debian host/installer Bug#900850: ITP: node-istanbul -- a javascript code coverage tool Bug#900867: ITP: firefox-syncserver -- Firefox Sync storage and token server Bug#900874: O: schroot -- Execute commands in a chroot environment Bug#900881: ITP: gokey -- simple vaultless password manager in Go Bug#900900: ITP: oci-image-tools -- OCI image tooling Bug#900939: ITP: yubikey-manager -- Python library and command line tool for configuring a YubiKey Bug#900940: ITP: python-fido2 -- Python library for implementing FIDO 2.0 Bug#900958: ITP: barebox-host-tools -- useful development tools from the barebox source tree Bug#900969: ITP: node-merge-source-map -- Merge javascript source map Bug#901001: python3-minimal should Pre-Depend on python3.N-minimal Bug#901003: There is no standard way of removing transitional / dummy packages Bug#901009: ITP: kubectx -- Fast way to switch between clusters and namespaces in kubectl Bug#901055: ITP: node-microbuffer -- Light implementation of binary buffer Bug#901064: ITP: libbioparser-dev -- library for parsing several formats in bioinformatics Bug#901070: RFP: python-furl -- URL parsing and manipulation made easy Bug#901072: ITP: golang-github-json-iterator-go -- A high-performance 100% compatible drop-in replacement of "encoding/json" Bug#901074: ITP: golang-github-modern-go-concurrent -- Golang concurrency utilities Bug#901130: ITP: anbox-modules -- Android kernel driver (binder, ashmem) in DKMS format Bug#901145: ITP: spoa -- SIMD partial order alignment tool Bug#901160: Updating the description of the Standards-Version field Bug#901165: ITP: mkdocs-nature -- Nature theme from Sphinx adapted for MkDocs Bug#901166: ITP: python-markdown-math -- Math extension for Python-Markdown Bug#901184: ITP: libedlib -- library for sequence alignment using edit distance Bug#901199: ITP: node-name-all-modules-plugin -- Names all remaining modules that do not get named via NamedModulesPlugin Bug#901207: ITP: libthread-pool -- C++ thread pool library Bug#901226: ITP: rampler -- module for sampling genomic sequences Bug#901250: ITP: golang-github-modern-go-reflect2 -- reflect api without runtime reflect.Value cost Bug#901253: ITP: golang-github-modern-go-test -- Modern Go test utilities Bug#901370: ITP: pdftk-java -- port of pdftk to java - a tool for manipulating PDF documents Bug#901390: RFP: python-orderedmultidict -- an ordered multivalue dictionary that retains method parity with Python's dict. Bug#901412: ITP: ibmquantumexperience -- A Python library for the IBM Quantum Experience API (Python 3) Bug#901421: ITP: golang-github-googleapis-gnostic -- compiler for OpenAPI specification Bug#901441: ITP: libcode-tidyall-plugin-yaml-perl -- module to tidy YAML files Bug#901443: ITP: infnoise -- Infinite Noise TRNG driver and tools Bug#901461: ITP: mu -- simple editor for beginner Python programmers Bug#901465: ITP: driverctl -- device driver control utility for Linux Bug#901499: ITP: php-yubitwee - YubiKey OTP Validator library Bug#901502: ITP: twig-extensions -- Twig Extensions Bug#901570: ITP: iraf-sptable -- IRAF package for spectral tables Bug#901573: ITP: golang-github-atotto-clipboard -- clipboard for golang Bug#901576: ITP: mariadb-connector-java -- Java database driver for MariaDB and MySQL Bug#901583: ITP: golang-github-danverbraganza-varcaser-dev -- Provide ability to transform between common variable casing conventions. Bug#901606: ITP: golang-github-cyphar-filepath-securejoin -- filepath.SecureJoin implementation Bug#901617: ITP: prometheus-nginx-vts-exporter -- Prometheus exporter for Nginx VTS metrics Bug#901620: ITP: r-cran-tcr -- Advanced Data Analysis of Immune Receptor Repertoires Bug#901638: ITP: libversion-compare-perl -- Compare version strings Bug#901664: ITP: puppet-module-barbican -- Puppet module for OpenStack Barbican Bug#901667: ITP: puppet-module-gnocchi -- Puppet module for OpenStack Gnocchi Bug#901668: ITP: r-cran-alakazam -- Immunoglobulin Clonal Lineage and Diversity Analysis Bug#901673: ITP: r-cran-tigger -- Infers new Immunoglobulin alleles from Rep-Seq Data Bug#901676: ITP: r-cran-diptest -- Hartigan's Dip Test Statistic for Unimodality - Corrected Bug#901679: ITP: r-cran-kedd -- Kernel Estimator+Bandwidth Selection - Density+Derivatives Bug#901681: ITP: r-cran-sdmtools -- Species Distribution Modelling Tools Bug#901682: ITP: puppet-module-congress -- Puppet module for OpenStack Congress Bug#901683: ITP: puppet-module-designate -- Puppet module for OpenStack Designate Bug#901684: ITP: r-cran-shazam -- Immunoglobulin Somatic Hypermutation Analysis Bug#901685: ITP: puppet-module-theforeman-dns -- Puppet module for ISC bind Bug#901687: ITP: puppet-module-ovn -- Puppet module for OpenStack OVN Bug#901688: ITP: puppet-module-arioch-redis -- Puppet module for Redis Bug#901724: ITP: r-cran-pls -- GNU R partial least squares and principal component regression Bug#901737: ITP: igor -- infers V(D)J recombination processes from sequencing data Bug#901739: ITP: libhtml-escape-perl -- Extremely fast HTML escaping Bug#901742: ITP: changeo -- Repertoire clonal assignment toolkit Bug#901756: ITP: libplack-request-withencoding-perl -- subclass of Plack::Request which supports encoding Bug#901765: ITP: ufolib2 -- Unified Font Object (UFO) fonts library Bug#901794: ITP: check-pgactivity -- PostgreSQL plugin for Nagios Bug#901801: ITP: pgstat -- Collects PostgreSQL statistics the same way as a sysstat tool Bug#901812: ITP: jitterentropy-rngd -- Jitter RNG Daemon Bug#901837: RFP: golang-github-opencontainers-runtime-tools -- OCI Runtime Tools Bug#901839: ITP: golang-github-vbatts-go-mtree -- file systems verification library, in likeness of mtree(8) Bug#901844: ITP: networkd-dispatcher -- Dispatcher service for systemd-networkd connection status changes Bug#901854: ITP: if97 -- C++ implementation of the IAPWS-IF97 equations Bug#901855: ITP: coolprop -- Thermophysical property database and programming language wrappers Bug#901857: ITP: golang-github-jpillora-backoff -- backoff algorithm in Golan Bug#901862: ITP: tvb-data -- Various demonstration datasets for use with The Virtual Brain are provided here.Here you will find: * compatible file/folder structures that can be uploaded thorugh the web interface of TVB; and * the default datasets used when working in console or library mode. Bug#901866: ITP: tvb-library -- "TVB Scientific Library" is the most important scientific contribution of TVB Project, but only a part of our code Bug#901868: ITP: tvb-framework -- The complete framework for running The Virtual brain Bug#901882: ITP: libmodule-build-pluggable-perl -- plugins for the Perl module Module::Build Bug#901898: ITP: libmodule-build-pluggable-ppport-perl -- file ppport.h generated automatically Bug#901933: ITP: prometheus-bird-exporter -- Prometheus exporter for the BIRD routing daemon Bug#901961: ITP: libtest-http-localserver-perl -- local HTTP server for testing other perl modules Bug#901972: ITP: node-koa -- Expressive HTTP middleware framework for node.js Bug#901973: ITP: node-destroy -- Node.js stream destruction utility, with quirk handling Bug#901994: RFH: sparkleshare -- distributed collaboration and sharing tool Bug#902000: ITP: golang-github-wellington-go-libsass -- Go wrapper for libsass, the only Sass 3.5 compiler for Go Bug#902001: ITP: librouteros -- Python implementation of RouterOS API Bug#902010: ITP: krop -- tool to crop PDF files Bug#902024: ITP: umoci -- Open Container Images manipulation tool Bug#902120: ITP: prometheus-snmp-exporter -- Prometheus exporter for SNMP-enabled devices Bug#902124: ITP: ulmo -- Clean, simple and fast Python access to public hydrology & climatology data Bug#902154: ITP: fonts-woowa-bm -- Baedal-Minjok decorative Korean fonts Bug#902228: ITP: ffcvt -- ffmpeg convert wrapper tool Bug#902232: ITP: wmusic -- remote-control dockapp for MPRIS-compatible media players Bug#902267: ITP: jiq -- jid on jq Bug#902280: ITP: libnet-dns-resolver-mock-perl -- Mock a DNS Resolver object for testing Bug#902288: general: GNOME/nautilus thumbnail helper script from /usr/share/thumbnailers fails with ENOENT due to bwrap Bug#902288: Issue raised with gnome-desktop as well Bug#902288: Package versions of: bubblewrap and libgnome-desktop Bug#902309: ITP: zeyple -- Automatically encrypt outgoing emails Bug#902311: ITP: node-xmldom -- A Standard XML DOM (Level2 CORE) implementation in pure javascript Bug#902331: ITP: golang-github-cockroachdb-apd -- arbitrary-precision decimals for Go Bug#902333: ITP: tbsync -- Thunderbird/Lightning Add-On to support MS Exchange Calendar etc. Bug#902338: ITP: golang-github-mitchellh-go-testing-interface -- library to expose *testing.T as an interface Bug#902343: ITP: fonts-osifont -- ISO 3098-compliant TrueType font for CAD projects Bug#902390: ITP: keras-preprocessing -- data preprocessing module for the Keras deep learning framework Bug#902391: ITP: keras-applications -- popular models and pre-trained weights for the Keras deep learning framework Bug#902398: ITP: csv-mode-el -- Emacs major mode for editing comma/char separated values Bug#902400: ITP: backward-cpp -- Beautiful stack trace pretty printer for C++ Bug#902418: ITP: cantera -- Object-oriented chemical kinetics, thermodynamics & transport processes suite Bug#902585: ITP: golang-github-hashicorp-go-hclog -- common logging package for HashiCorp tools Bug#902677: ITP: vault -- secrets and privileged access management, encryption as a service Bug#902701: ITP: python-ipfix -- IPFIX implementation for Python Bug#902730: ITP: sharness -- Sharness is a portable shell library to write, run, and analyze automated tests for Unix programs. Since all tests output TAP, the Test Anything Protocol, they can be run with any TAP harness (e.g. "prove"). Bug#902732: ITP: golang-github-bep-go-tocss -- simple-to-use LibSass Go API Bug#902734: ITP: golang-github-burntsushi-locker -- simple Go package for conveniently using named read/write locks Bug#902735: ITP: golang-github-dsnet-golib -- Collection of mostly unrelated helper Go packages. Bug#902736: ITP: maildir-deduplicate -- find and delete duplicated mails in a Maildir concerns about Salsa Debian 10 please update gimp to 2.10.... debian buster: unable to install mysql-workbench, had to install from sid repo..... DEP-14 Git branch names? DEP-8 pseudo-restriction "hint-dpkg-testsuite-triggers" unavailable now (force HTTPS with wrong cert?) dropping #902736: ITP: maildir-deduplicate -- find and delete duplicated mails in a Maildir Etiquette about test regression, bug severities, etc. Feedback request about the Alba Upstream to Debian packaging effort HELP WANTED: security review / pam experts for su transition Re: Hi, I am blind Hibernate not working ! How to help getting libfuse updated? Re: ITP: twig-extensions -- Twig Extensions Re: its dead jim - alioth is gone libcurl3 vs libcurl4 List of devices with poor Linux compatibility Re: low-hanging-fruit bug user tag for new comers first contributions MariaDB 10.x will not install in Debian Stretch if Reiser4 rootfs has a separate non-reiser4 /tmp partition MemberBenefits - Steam Keys (Was: Bits from the DPL (May 2018)) New lintian warnings helping to detect FTBFS and license violation package not in testing due to autopkgtest of other package testing against third known broken package Re: packages which have not been rebuild since December 2016 Re: path to gitlab upstream Re: Please remove your obsolete repos from alioth *NOW* Processed: Re: Bug#901003: There is no standard way of removing transitional / dummy packages Processed: severity of 871613 is important, tagging 871613 Re: Reducing the attack surface caused by Berkeley DB... Renew SSO Cert (was: its dead jim - alioth is gone) Re: RFR: email about regressions Re: RFR: email about regressions [was: Dealing with ci.d.n for package regressions] Re: rkt Re: rkt, Golang Re: ( replacement) going into beta sarge bo rex Standards-Version and compat level Re: Status of wvstreams Versioned dependencies and maintainer scripts What is the purpose of a packaged-distro today (was: concerns about Salsa) Where to find git repos of gcc-*? Which checks should we mandate for source operations in shell scripts Work-needing packages report for Jun 1, 2018 Work-needing packages report for Jun 15, 2018 Work-needing packages report for Jun 22, 2018 Work-needing packages report for Jun 29, 2018 Work-needing packages report for Jun 8, 2018 The last update was on 23:09 GMT Mon Jun 10. There are 367 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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