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Which checks should we mandate for source operations in shell scripts


back in the sysvinit days, we used to have the following construct as
a common idiom in init scripts:

|if [ -f /etc/default/foo ]; then
|  . /etc/default/foo

This is an immediate privilege escalation vulnerability in the case
that /etc/default/foo or /etc/default itself is/are writeable for
non-root users.

It has (finally, and to late) occurred to me that

|# back up /etc/default/foo
|cp /etc/default/foo ~/foo
|(try something in /etc/default)
|sudo mv ~/foo /etc/default/foo

will place a file owned by my "normal" user into /etc/default where it
might be used from an (unchanged) init script[1].

This being a clear mistake of the local admin, I am wondering how
common this actually is and whether Debian should protect its users
from this common error by placing appropriate checks in the scripts
where this construct is used[2]. While shells offer the -O and -G file
test operators, the test for actual writability is more non-trivial
and would introduce added complexity (and therefore possible bugs) to
hundreds if not thousands of scripts in Debian.

I am wondering what the opinion of my fellow developers is in this
matter. Should Debian establish some protection against this, and
would it make sense to establish that procection in some kind of a
global "library" that could be used for this verification? What do you
think about that?


[1] thanks to waldi for pointing out that it needs an actual sudo mv
for this issue to get abusable while a sudo cp will do the right thing
[2] This is a rather common idiom that is not only used in init
scripts, but in many other places - not counting the Debconf
confmodule being sourced in maintainer scripts that way since the
local admin doesn't mess around too often manually in
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