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Re: autopkgtest results influencing migration from unstable to testing

On Thursday 03 May 2018 02:39 AM, Paul Gevers wrote:
> It is the intention that in the (far) future regressions will become
> blocking for migration, but until then the added age will probably be
> raised over time as a semi-block.
> There is one important note to make here on how to go about regressions
> in test cases from reverse dependencies. We recommend direct
> communication between the maintainers of the involved packages as one
> party has insight in what changed and the other party insight in what is
> being tested. More information is available in the britney documentation
> [britney].
> In case of issues, please contact the release team and ci team:
> debian-release@lists.debian.org debian-ci@lists.debian.org

I think we need to handle cases like this,


ruby-state-machines and ruby-state-machines-activemodel should go
together and even when autopkgtest for the version is unstable passed,
instead of reducing the age, it is considered a regression because
autopkgtest for the version in testing failed and age is increased.

I think in cases where version differs in testing and unstable,
regression in testing should not delay migration.

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