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Re: concerns about Salsa

On Mon, 04 Jun 2018, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Dmitry Smirnov writes ("concerns about Salsa"):
> > Imagine my surprise when I've found that Salsa is not using our own
> > GitLab package at all.
> Salsa is hardly the first Debian production service to not be running
> the packaged version of its primary application, and it won't be the
> last.  ftp.debian.org isn't running the packaged version of dak.
> Even my own git.dgit.d.o isn't running the packaged version of
> dgit-infrastructure; it executes out of a git clone.  (I took the
> trouble to implement `dgit clone-dgit-repos-server' and the
> corresponding server end so make sure that the source code for the
> server is always public.)
> > I would understand if there were no choice but Salsa admins clearly
> > chosen to discard GitLab package in favor of vendor binaries
> However, I hope it's not running vendor-provided binaries.  That would
> be quite poor IMO and a big departure from our normal practice.  Are
> you sure that that is the case ?
We use git. 


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