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Bug#900881: ITP: gokey -- simple vaultless password manager in Go

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Benjamin Drung <benjamin.drung@profitbricks.com>

* Package name    : gokey
  Version         : 0.0~git20170602.05f83bb
  Upstream Author : Ignat Korchagin
* URL             : https://github.com/cloudflare/gokey
* License         : BSD-3-clause
  Programming Lang: Go
  Description     : simple vaultless password manager in Go

gokey is a password manager, which does not require a password vault.
Instead of storing your passwords in a vault it derives your password on
the fly from your master password and supplied realm string (for
example, resource URL). This way you do not have to manage, backup or
sync your password vault (or trust its management to a third party) as
your passwords are available immediately anywhere.

I want to maintain this package in the Debian Go Packaging Team.

Benjamin Drung
System Developer
Debian & Ubuntu Developer

ProfitBricks GmbH
Greifswalder Str. 207
10405 Berlin

Email: benjamin.drung@profitbricks.com
URL: https://www.profitbricks.de

Sitz der Gesellschaft: Berlin
Registergericht: Amtsgericht Charlottenburg, HRB 125506 B
Geschäftsführer: Achim Weiss, Matthias Steinberg, Christoph Steffens

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