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Re: concerns about Salsa

On Tue, 05 Jun 2018, Dmitry Smirnov wrote:

> On Monday, 4 June 2018 11:25:41 PM AEST Alexander Wirt wrote:
> > Please don't expect us to ever switch to packages - that will not happen.
> That's an interesting statement. Why?
> Do you think Praveen did all the enormous effort of packaging GitLab for 
> nothing? Do you reckon that packaging software adds no value?
The effort is not for us. Do you think we did all the effort for a proper
administration for nothing? 

> I understand trade-off between stability of a package versus convenient 
> volatility of git repository that you can patch at your own discretion.
> Yet I think that official Debian service ideally should be based on official 
> Debian package and that service administrators should be working together 
> with package maintainers, helping each other.
> It is not viable to install everything from git. So how would you chose when 
> to use packages and when to use git?
> What about "gitaly"? This particular component of GitLab is written in Golang 
> and it needs to be built from source. Why do you compile "gitaly" from source 
> Gentoo-style instead of using properly built Debian package?
Because we want to react fast, without dsa. We don't have root. 
> What makes Salsa so special to say that using properly packaged components 
> from "main" is inappropriate?
Its not special, most services are run like that.

> "This will not happen" is a strong statement. Is packaging software for 
> Debian so hopeless that there is nothing GitLab maintainers could ever do to 
> make you change your mind and embrace work of fellow Debian developers?
Unless the ways services are run on DSA managed hosts changes, we will not
move to packages. 


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